July 2016 ......... CQ CQ CQ CQ
It's almost Convention time again!
The Kansas Division ARRL Convention is in Salina (Kansas) on Sunday August the 21st, Sponsored by the Central Kansas Amateur Radio Club (CKARC)

We will again this year have a "Before Convention" dinner on Saturday Evening (August 20) A number of folks indicated last year that they enjoyed the gathering that we had and would like to repeat it this year.
This is NOT a CKARC sponsored Function, but they are "aware" of it.

Several folks will be in town Saturday Evening - as well as some of the "locals", so ......
I will need an RSVP (By August X) if you are interested in attending the dinner this year!
Please respond via Phone (or email - BELOW)
The Venue again this year is Martinelli's
158 South Santa Fe Avenue
The Diner starts at 6:30 PM CDT, so plan to arrive around 6:15 PM or so.
Feel free to Spread the Word - the more the Merrier!
I will need to have a total Head Count at least 1 week prior to the event (prior to August 8)
YL's, XYL's, and Family ARE welcome!
Martinelli's is a Formal Resturant, not a "Fast Food place - they Do serve Adult Beverages.
It will require reservations made through me so that they can set up places and assign wait staff.
I have the evening reserved in my name at this time. They can seat up to 50-60 people.

Oh: This year, we will have about a 1/2 hour video program following the meal for those interested.  The original "Hams Wide World".

Rod Hogg

Scott City, Ks
(M-F 9/6)