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Central Kansas Amateur Radio Club
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Welcome to the Central  Kansas Amateur Radio Club web site.

The February QSP is now on-line!


Next CKARC Meeting will be held on Friday February 23rd, 2017.  at 7:30 PM 

Location: KWU's Peters Science Hall Room 211

The CKARC (normally) meets on the last Friday of every month at Kansas Wesleyan University's Peters Science Hall, Room 211.  Some meetings have been held at other locations which will be announced.  For Example, the November Meeting is a Week Earlier than "Normal" to avoid "Black Friday", and the December Christmas Dinner Meeting date depends on when we can get a reservation at a local restaurant.  Keep this web site in your favorites for up to date information about club activities.


CKARC Silent Key List

The Joe Addison, WPKD Award for 2017 was awarded to Sid Ashen-Brenner, NOBM, at the December 2017 Meeting. This is an award which is given annually to the member of the CKARC who by his (or her) service to the club, the community or Amateur Radio, exemplifies what the public service aspect of the hobby is all about.


Our Mission

To serve the Public Interest, convenience, and Necessity. and to be there when needed, in times of local, state, or national emergency.

To Promote the enjoyment of Ham Radio by providing an environment which will enhance the opportunities for individual growth in the hobby.

Club Profile

The CKARC, a group of dedicated Amateur Radio Operators, located in Salina Kansas has been in operation for over 69 years.  

We have been affiliated with the American Radio League  (ARRL) since June 3, 1949

Several of our members are presently active in Emergency Communications, by way of the ARRL's Amateur Radio Emergency Service. (ARES)  We have an active Storm Spotter group who works in conjunction with the Saline County Emergency Management Office. Other members are active in trying to contact as  many foreign Amateur Radio Stations as they can.  Several are involved in contacting station around the world via several of the Amateur Radio satellites that are currently orbiting the earth. There are too many facets to Amateur Radio to describe on this site.  

For more information about amateur radio, go to the ARRL web site: www.arrl.org 

The club sponsors the ARRL Kansas State convention.
The next Convention will be held on August 19th, 2018. (we are staying with the 3rd Sunday in August)  At the Webster Conference Center on Ohio Street, North of I-70, in Salina, Kansas

We will be accepting Credit Cards for Admission to the Convention again this year!

VHF and UHF Repeaters

The CKARC owns and operates the 147.030 MHz. VHF repeater.  This machine is located in downtown Salina and covers most of Saline County. It is equipped with emergency power in the event of a loss of commercial electricity.   Also located at the downtown site is the club's 443.900 Mhz. repeater.  This machine is also connected to emergency power. Both of the repeaters use  positive offsets, and both use the club call sign; WCY/R. Tone for both  is 118.8 Hz (useful to block other repeaters on the same frequency during band openings)  We  have  updated our repeaters to Yaesu Digital Fusion Repeaters, and now, Tone is Required for access!  

NKSC Repeaters
The NKSC Repeater, operating on 147.270+ with a 118.8 Hz. tone access , is the primary machine for use in the Emergency Management and Storm Spotting activities in Salina and Saline County.

Also in the area is NKSC's 444.875+ Repeater, with a 118.8 Hz Tone access both Encode & Decode.

NSLN Portable Repeater

The NSLN Portable Emergency Management Repeater is 443.0250+ with a REQUIRED 118.8 Hz. tone access and is on the air on an "as needed" basis. (like the Smoky Hill River Festival) This is NOT a Digital Fusion Repeater - yet!

Other Area Repeaters

There are several other repeaters in use in the Salina area including the K-Link System.  Please consult the latest edition of the ARRL Repeater Directory for frequencies, capabilities and other pertinent information. (Reminder: K-Link has changed their CTCSS Access tones!)

CKARC Board Meetings

The CKARC Board Meetings will take place Prior to the Testing Session at 6:30 PM on the 2nd Wednesday of every Month, all members are welcome to attend.

Volunteer Examiners (VE's)

The Central Kansas Amateur Radio club is committed to serving the public in many ways.  One of which is the administration of examinations for those wishing to become Amateur Radio Operators, or to those who are already licensed and wish to upgrade to a higher class of license. The CKARC uses the American Radio Relay League tests. Persons wishing to take a test for either a new license or an upgrade should bring a photo ID (Driver's License or similar), and copies of their current license, if any, and any CSCE's (Certificate of Successful Completion of Examination) they may have. Exam info here

IF you wish to retain a copy of your CSCE, Please make a copy prior to your arrival. Less of an issue than in the past, as the FCC is now issuing licenses within a week - or two! The Original CSCE must be sent to the VEC for processing, they do NOT accept copies.

The FCC currently prefers to have your FRN Number instead of the Social Security Number. FRN number can be from Any Service, as the FCC only issues One FRN Number per person.

In April of 2015, the FCC stopped printing Licenses automatically. 

License notification is now provided via email ONLY

 For 2018, ARRL Exam Fees will remain at $15.00. 

Please NO bills larger than $20.00! (at ANY Test Session)
We are NOW accepting Credit Cards for Testing
as of August 2015
Billing will be from S. Ashen-Brenner Photography

Calculators may be used during the exams, but all "programing" must be cleared prior to the test session.

Examinations are given on the second Wednesday of the month year round. The location for these test sessions is the Saline County Sheriff's Department Training room (251 North 10th Street) on the corner of 10th and Park Street in Salina. Time is 7:00 PM.  The County has recently installed a New Electronic Locking System, and we are ALL Learning how it works, Please bear with us!  Exam info is found here
Please contact Sid Ashen-Brenner, NOBM for further information.

Exams are also be given on an as needed Basis as requested. The Special Sessions are also ARRL-VEC sessions. Persons wishing to take a test for either a new license or an upgrade should bring a photo ID, and copies of their current license, if any, and any CSCE's they may have.   Contact Sid Ashen-Brenner, NOBM for further details.

Tests are also given at the Kansas State ARRL Convention in August. Walk-ins are permitted.  Late arrivals are Strongly Discouraged! Please see the Convention Schedule for time and Location.

Contact Information

Postal address
P O Box 2493
Salina KS 67402-2493
Electronic mail
General Information: Sid NOBM
or Webmaster





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